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Here are some genuine quotes from genuine customers! You can't make this stuff up!
(Well, you can, but what fun would
that be?!?)

Covers received yesterday and already installed! Look at the pictures attached. Now my vespa looks real MOD! I'm completely satisfied with the result.
Jose P - Spain

Your seat cover arrived yesterday and it is INCREDIBLE! I just love it. I never thought that I could ever find something BRIGHTER than my scooter itself but your seat cover just glows. It is already turning heads on the streets! I will be talking up your seat covers to everyone!
David - Denver

My seat cover arrived…it looks awesome. I will send pictures next week of my completed Ruckus Bumble Bee. I will also be showing it off this weekend at a car show that our scooter group is attending!
Mary - Tucson

Love, love, love the tiger seat - I'll probably need to order another…
Mary Beth - Florida

I just got the seat cover in the mail today. Its perfect. THANKS SO MUCH!
Sergei - Canada

Wow! You know, Crystal, the seat cover actually gets more attention than the scooter does. It just captures people's imaginations, I think. They just can't resist feeling it. One fellow asked me (in jest) how many of those yellow and orange tribbles I had to kill to make a seat cover. Maybe you should call it "tribble fur."
Renee - Colorado

I got my seat cover today and I love it! Thanks alot! It looks great on the Ruck, Attached are a few pics of the seat cover on Yellow Thunder (thats what I call my Ruckus! LOL).
Tom - Canada

Crystal, it looks FABULOUS!!!! As soon as the sunny weather returns, I’ll take many pictures for you. Thank you, thank you!!! :-D
Kim - Canada

Crystal, I got the seat cover and I love it. It looks sharp too!

The cover arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I installed it on the Vespa (an easy task, thank you!), and made up some lame excuse that Suzan needed to step into the garage and check out her bike. Suzan's first response was to open her eyes wide and exclaim, "Wow!" She loves it (and so do I). Thank you for creating such a fine surprise.
Jon - Maine

I recieved my cover today. LOVE IT! My sister wants one now. Thanks for putting mine up on your website. I will send you more pictures asap!! It's been a pleasure working with you....great job on the cover too.
Lori - Arizona

Crystal!!!!! You have outdone yourself for sure!!! I just got the seat cover and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Oh Man, I can't wait to get home, find some tools and PUT IT ON!!! My husband wont be home until midnight and I am not waiting for him to arrive before putting the seat cover on. Thanks so much for doing this...the scoot is going to look AWESOME and you will have some pics very soon.
Delia - Canada

I love my new seat cover! Thanks for making my new cover--that was quick. I think it looks great! I have included a few pictures with captions. I'll keep you posted on how it wears.

I received the seat cover today.. thank you so much! It is so awesome and looks just as I expected. I will send you some photos as soon as I can use my mom's camera. Thanks again!

Crystal, be glad I don't have your phone number. You'd have been stuck listening to me babble and blather on and on about my pleasure in your craft! I am DELIGHTED at the super great idea you had about the design and now the superb look and FEEL of my new seat cover. It is cozy sitting on it now and I know it will be a lot nicer than sizzling vinyl any day in August!
I had no trouble at all getting it fitted (excellent directions) and I was careful to protect the grommet while pulling tight. It's so well made--I really appreciate the quality of your work and materials. The blue looks splendid--dense and dark but distinctly blue. The stars are bright on the red field and I got more than my money's worth in terms of value, pleasure and practicality.
Many thanks for making me the happiest I've been since the day the scooter arrived, since the day I felt I was finally skilled enough to be pretty safe riding these streets, since the day I joined the forum and started reading/learning/laughing/sharing, since the day I started reading your girlbike page, since the day I put the stars on the scooter...
Oh yes, I am scooternutz and happy.
Wendy - New York

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