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Here are some of my customer's scooter seat covers:

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Now, I'm not 100 percent sure about this, but I'm pretty sure that Lainie's scooter seat cover was the first to be especially designed to match her helmet - for her wedding. Note the veil on the helmet! Safety first! :-) The second photo is Lainie without her matching gown. 7/07 Julie's Met II looks awesome with its pink zebra scooter seat cover. 7/07
  Mike in Tennesse sent this picture of his GT200 with its new snow leopard scooter seat cover. 6/07 You have to click on the above to see the close-up of Dirk's custom scooter. Photo courtesy of Bryant Upchurch/Prime 8 Photography, Atlanta. 6/07
Aloha Vespa! Aynee's ET is gorgeous in its new hibiscus scooter seat cover. 6/07    
Stephanie Vino Wendy's LX Guy Noir
Stephanie's Vino 125 is just stunning with its dark brown leopard scooter seat cover! 5/07 Wendy's LX scooter seat cover and matching backrest cover are an ideal match for her pearl LX. 5/07 Betty's Vino Classic 'Guy Noir' was the recipient of one of the first post-2006 Vino Classic scooter seat covers. 5/07
Lisa's pink Buddy Jenny Baxter
Lisa had her Buddy seat cut down, and with a few custom measurements, the fit was perfect. 5/07 Jenny's Vino looks amazing with its matching red leopard seat cover. 5/07 Baxter the Buddy looks quite spiffy in its special-order racing stripe scooter seat cover. 4/07
Mick's ET Jamisin Astrud
Oh yeah. That's an ET under there! Mick enhanced his already beautiful Vespa ET with a bengal tiger cover. 4/07 Jamisin is a 2007 customer, but I misplaced his photos for the gallery, eek! He tells me that he and his LX (with checker scooter seat cover) were in an episode of Gilmore Girls. 3/07 Melanie's LX, Astrud, looks gorgeous in her stripes and matching red velboa scooter seat cover. 3/07
Roger's Vino 125 sean's best in show
Roger's Vino 125 looks great with its silver plaid fleece scooter seat cover. 2/07 Sean won "best in show in its class" with his Vino 125 and tartan plaid fleece scooter seat cover. 2/07 Jean's GTS250ie is purrrfect with its new leopard scooter seat cover. 1/07
Lisa's Grace looks stunning in her patriotic outfit. 1/07 Donna's Met looks awesome with its zebra seat cover. 1/07 Every once in awhile, I have to make myself a new scooter seat cover cover and back rest cover. Here's my favorite combo. 1/07