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Here are just a few of the many scooter seat covers™ I made in 2006.

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pink dalmation Buddy Aubrey's vino Rob's Buddy
The pink dalmation matches the pink Buddy perfectly! 12/06 Aubrey's Vino 125 looks great with its new faux furry snake skin cover. 12/06 Rob's skulls and crossbones fleece seat cover matches the cool trunk on his Buddy. 12/06
Zebra LX   Rosa
There are no words to describe the awesome Zebra LX that Mark put together for his wife. Vinyl graphics by MotoGlyphs. 12/06   My own baby gets a new snow leopard seat cover. 11/06
Heather's ET Hobbes Myrtle
I love Heather's minty ET with its new zebra scooter seat cover. 11/06 Check out "Hobbes" new grrreat tiger seat cover. 11/06 Nancie's Vespa "Myrtle" is gorgeous in her tealish blue cheetah cover. 11/06
Here is Jenn's Vino 125 with a hot pink leopard seat cover. Looking good, Jenn! 8/06 Check out Valerie's custom zebra seat cover. The photos don't do it justice. The stripes in this particular fabric are actually a blend of golden browns that match the scooter perfectly.8/06 Lori has taken hybiscus to a new level! 8/06
Daniel sent an idea for a seat cover that was Hawaiian-influenced. It looks great with his alabaster Vespa... ... and his VW bug! 07/06 Sometimes I just need to make myself a scooter seat cover. Here's my latest: Pink & black dalmation, with matching GIVI trunk backrest. 07/06
Susan's needed a seat cover worthy of her new glorious Azzurro - so we found a special celestial pattern fleece that matches just right. 07/06 Nancy's Met looks great with its red paw prints seat cover! 07/06 Jan is a Texas Longhorn fan - and got her scooter painted to match her seat cover! 07/06
Denise's Vino 125 got a new purple and red shaggy cover... ... and a new black and white check fleece cover. It's the model on the Vino 125 catalog page. 07/06 Jody found some cool retro fabric to match her Kiwi Met. 07/06
Well, if you can't decide which pink seat cover to get, you might as well get two. 06/06 Checks go with everything. 06/06
Sarah's scooter "Bug" is as cute as its namesake! 06/06 Here's Ms. Karina's ET from Piaggio Club Indonesia. I'm told by a fellow club member, "The color of her ET is same as her Emilio Pucci hand bag with pink bubble fur seatcover." How awesome can a scooter get?! Susan's Celeste features blue cheetah, and is cool even without the snow. 04/06
Here's Donny from Jakarta's brown leopard seat cover on his beautiful ET4. 04/06 Matthew surprised his wife Michele with this plaid seat cover for her birthday. Matthew writes, "It looks awesome! Michele absolutely LOVES it." Happy birthday Michele! 05/06 Here are my two ETs with two of their many scooter seat covers. I admit, I'm a bit spoiled. 05/06
Rob's LX looks purrrrfect with the tealish-blue leopard... 4/06 ... and so does Steve's! (notice his wife's Kiwi Met cover in the background) 03/06 Dave in South Carolina calls his gorgeous blue star-spangled Stella "Glory." 04/06
Wendy loved Lisa's red, white and blue scooter so much that she asked Lisa if she could borrow its design scheme! 04/06 Here's Lisa's Metropolitan Betsy, ready to roll with its red velboa and blue stars fleece seat cover. 02/06  Frances owns a dog walking business, and uses her Vespa LX - with new paw-print seat cover - to get from customer to customer. 02/06
Pop singer Mr. Lucky from Jakarta sports a pink and red dalmation cover on his Vespa ET. 01/06 Lesley's baby boy Nicky put her new seat cover to the test! 01/06 Tim Walker's Genuine Stella Fireball is totally hot with its new cover! 12/05