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Here are just a few of the many scooter seat covers™ I made in 2005.

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Serge's Vino 125
Here's one of my latest experiments; a full-size backrest cover with a pocket. 12/05 Serge's Vino 125 is ready for battle in its gray camo seat cover. 10/05 David's GT is one of one of only 10 Vespa GT200 "Alfie" scooters, and it's the only one with a blue bubble fur seat cover. 11/05
Lisa's snow leopard GT200 Lisa's GT blue camo Zuma
Lisa in Texas has a great new snow leopard seat cover on her GT200, and her hubby Charles got her a super matching glove, scarf and hat set. Gorgeous! 10/05 Here's another photo from Lisa of her Granturismo with its new snow leopard cover. It's a perfect match. 10/05 Dirty Sanchez's blue Zuma is totally bitchin' with his new camo seat cover. 10/05
 Pink Stella Nedra's kiwi & leopard  Rodey's 2 tone
Shiloh's pink Stella looks awesome with a pink dalmation seat cover! 10/05 Nedra's kiwi Metropolitan looks wild with its kiwi and snow leopard two-tone cover! 10/05 Rose, a founder of the Metrobetties, has a super cool two-tone seat cover on her Met. She found the center fabric on ebay. 10/05
flower scoopy Molly's GT200 Orange tiger Met
Cherry Flower's Scoopy may win the prize for most colorful! She's my first customer from Australia. 10/05 Molly loves her dad's Granturismo with its mod new seat cover. 10/05 Joe's orange Metro looks grrrrrrrrrrreat with its bengal tiger cover. 09/05
Kenneth's seat cover and tire cover Miss Daisy Kellann's ET2
Kenneth in Belguim wanted a seat cover with a matching spare tire cover. His scoot is being featured on the cover of a regional scooter magazine. Keep an eye on the site, backrests and spare-tire covers coming soon! 08/05 This daisy covered ET cover was a special order for Delia, sponsor relations person for the Vespa Club of Canada. Like I told her, I'm trying to stay humble, but this really made me say "WOW!" 09/05 Kellann has just as much enthusiam for my scooter seat covers as I do! Check out her unique two-tone ET2, a perfect match for the red snow leopard ET cover. 09/05
 Crystal's backrest  Lori's scoot Jamie's pink leopard Met cover
I made a matching backrest for my ET2! Keep an eye on the site, backrests and spare-tire covers coming soon! 09/05  Lori of Skillet loves her fluffy checker seat cover! 08/05  Jamie's pink leopard is what I always wanted for my yellow Metropolitan. Check out her awesome matching helmet. 09/05
two-tone snake skin Tori's ET Kim's reversible cover
Mike's checkers Metro is a good match for the two-tone snake-skin and black seat cover. 07/05 Tori bought the purple leopard cover off ebay, and it looks absolutely amazing on her dark blue ET! 07/05 Kim has the first reversible cover, and it's hot! She promises more photos soon. 07/05
Tom's Yellow Thunder Margaret's ET Jim's red flames Ruckus
Tom's Yellow Thunder Ruckus is a great match for his brown wild stripes seat cover. 06/05  Margaret's ET sports a hot blue & black cow on her stunning blue ET. 07/05  Jim's red flames cover was one of my firsts, and I just got a photo. 07/05
Omily's bubbles Arnie's camo cover Metropolitan snakeskin fur
Omily writes about her new bubble cover: "I realized today that my scooter is now Taco Bell colored." Mmmm... tacos! 06/05 Here's Arnie's rockin Ruckus with camo seat cover. 06/05 I've made a new Metropolitan seat cover pattern! This one is made of plain black furry velboa and faux fur snake skin. Now you can get them in two (or three) tone! 06/05
Lynn's Chetak AU Scoot beeeutiful Ruckus!
Lynn found the perfect upholstery fabric to match his Bajaj Chetak - Mondo Circles! 06/05 Mary Beth's cool Auburn University motif scoot needed its mascot's stripes. too. After a rigorous search, Mary Beth found this fabric on ebay that matched. Note the tail in the close up! (I made the cover but I didn't make the tail) 06/05 Mary in Tuscon sent me a photo of her beeeutiful Ruckus with its bumble-bee seat cover! 06/05
nuclia scooter lyndell's stella arctic cat ATV
What an honor to outfit the scooter of the one and only Nuclia Waste! 06/05 Lyndell found her fabric at her local upholstery store to add her own custom flavor to her rad Stella. 06/05

 I made this Arctic Cat ATV seat cover as a prototype. I mean, think about it: Arctic Cat = leopard seat cover, right? right! 06/05

Bobbi's Vino 125 Vespa special order Miss Vicki
Alan bought his honey Bobbi a hot pink leopard seat cover for her Yamaha Vino 125. 05/05 Jose of Spain requested not only a seat cover for this super-MOD Vespa PX150, but a matching back rest cover! 05/05 Michael of Florida rebuilt this 1979 Vespa 50 Special for his very lucky girlfriend Vicki, and I built the seat cover to match. 05/05
Eddy's stella blue block velvet

I receive a lot of inquiries about this particular cover. If you are interested in it, please keep in mind that the fabric had to be imported at quite a high cost!

Union Jack ET cover

Eddy's Stella with her super snow leopard cover! 05/05 Blue blocky velvet on a blue metro 04/04 this customer wanted a Union Jack cover for her boyfriend's birthday in less than a week- and got a large UJ T-shirt Fed-Ex'd to me from the UK. One disected T-shirt later, her present was ready! 05/05
Dharia's pink dalmation cover pony cover for Vino pink flame Vino

Dharia's ET looks hot in pink and red dalmation! 04/05

Susan's Vino, Bella Luna, looks awesome with its pony cover. 04/05 Bella Luna Vino is smokin' in its pink flame cover. 04/05
grandturismo with dalmation cover dalmation cover on granturismo red ET with flames cover
Charles, a firefighter in Texas, had a custom dalmation cover made for his Vespa Granturismo. 04/05 Another angle on the Granturismo and dalmation cover. 04/05 Want your ET to go faster? try red flames! 04/05
yellow bubble fur! zebra ruckus blue blocky velvet
Renee's super cool yellow bubble fur cover! 03/05 A striking zebra cover for a Ruckus at C&L Cycles. 03/05 A subdued look - blue blocky velvet on a juice Metropolitan at C&L Cycles. 03/05
kimkaze's metro kimkaze's metro piglet in flames!
Kim's Salsa Jazz looks purrrrfect with it's purple leopard seat cover! Another shot of Kim's snazzy Jazz. 03/05 Cecily's "Piglet" Jazz with a red flames cover. HOT!! 03/05
Lesley's metropolitan cover matches her helmet perfectly! 02/05 Another great shot of Lesley's cover. 02/05 I made Lesley a fabulous purse to match her fabulous seat cover. 03/05
Metro yellow cover metro leopard seat
Lisa's snow leopard seat cover is stunning on her Vespa ET4. 02/05 The very first cover I made for my metro was made from short yellow pile fabric I bought on ebay. I made it because the black seat got so hot in the sun, it was unbearable to sit on. 06/04 I had to try leopard print. I mean, if you're going to have a scooter and you're going to have a seat cover, doesn't it just make sense? :-) 06/04
my et low leopard seat cover blue camo
My first custom cover was made of blue camo fabric. Yowsa!
pink dalmation
 red ruckus seat cover
Accessorizing my own scoot is one of my favorite sports. Here's my ET with the vespa ET "low" seat and cover. 02/05 Dharia of the Diner City Scooter Club chose pink dalmation fur to spice up her ride. Photos of it on the scooter coming soon. 02/05  Set your Ruckus on fire with this one! I made this for Adam over at C&L Cycle.
Joy's metro pink fuzzy cover
Zebra is one of the coolest fabrics for a cover. 03/05  Joy was my first seat cover customer! 07/04 How about fluffy pink fur with pom-pom trim? I made this one for myself. 03/05