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scooter seat covers customer gallery 2008

got a photo of your seat cover on your scooter? send it in!
Here are some of my customer's scooter seat covers:

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Steve's GTS
Steve from Brisbane sent photos of the GTS and LX covers he ordered. He writes, "Thanks for making such a great product. They are really comfortable to sit on too which you don't seem to advertise. I know the guy at the local Vespa dealer so will take them down to show him. Lots of great comments so far." Kurt just sent me this very cool photo of him and his scooter at the Charm City Rally in Baltimore.
Jazmin sent in two photos - one of her scooter, and one of her and P.E.A.C.E Scooter rider Alix with their two Buddies. She writes, "Hi Crystal, I just wanted to write a thank you note for me awesomely wonderful seat cover! I thought I'd send you a picture of me and my decked out Buddy with Alix of Peace Scooter and her Audre, since you made her seat cover as well. Thanks again!" Bradley in Edmonton writes, "I have been meaning to send you a picture of the seat cover that you made for me. I have been getting alot of compliments on it. Thanks for you hard work and keep it up. I will be ordering another very soon once I finish with the new look for scooter."
Some people want me to make a scooter seat cover that matches their jacket, but Constance's scooter seat cover also matches her unique helmet cover. Maxine and her husband dressed up her mint Buddy and his silver Bajaj Chetak. She writes "Hi Crystal, We love you. We love our seatcovers. They are real eyecatchers as we roam around AND people want to know where we got them..."


Bill writes, "Hi Crystal, check out the attached pic of my Vino 125 with your B&W check seat cover. It was taken at Saltwater State Park on the shores of Puget Sound just south of Seattle. The matching stickers came from your cover fit perfectly and I'm very pleased with it. Keep up the good work!"

Alice writes, "The ET4 and I were on the way to Wales with the maxi-scooter club (my 500cc was in the shop and the ET saved the day!). Seat cover was much admired and I came second in our Best Turned Out competition - pretty good going considering I was on the 'wrong' scoot! (Check out my Union Jack Doc Martens too.)"

Wendy's Honda Met continues its patriotic flair with a new seat cover for 2008. See her previous cover on the top of the 2005 customer gallery page.

Dave writes, "You made my seat cover this year [2007] and I am very happy with it. My little 2007 Ruckus is also very happy. I noticed that you do not have many Ruckus pictures on your 'seats that I made' section, so I am sending you one of mine. Hope that you have a very happy new year & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

Glenn asked me to make his girlfriend Christel this dark brown leopard cover for her surprise gift from him - this awesome ET!

Paul sent this photo of his beautiful Vespa PX in front of Parliament and Big Ben in London.